Gypsy Soul

цыганская душа
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Lead Performers:


Anna Wolfberry - lead vocals

Gundula Stojanov Gruen – musical leader, violinist and vocals.

Alexandar Ivanov - accordion, vocals

Jeremy Halliwell - guitar

Fraser Parry - cello

Sass Hoory - percussion

Linda Gjorgeva Toteva - dance

Anna Wolfberry's musical journey began in Moscow. She abandoned the stardom that followed her successful participation in a female trio on the Russian X factor to study theatrical and dramatic arts.

Arriving in London she embraced the music of the émigré, music of the Great Alexander Vertinsky, burlesque, and cabaret. Rock followed, her alter ego, “Wolfberry” – her stage name, now a fixture on the Camden rock scene, her band, Sweet Surrender, embracing and evolving a symphony of sounds styles in their unique revival of classic rock. It was the style, the sound, the rhythm and the melody of her memories that drew her to our Gypsy band, Tacho Drom . A Russian girl with a Romany soul.


Gundula Gruen, also known as 'Magic Violin', is a critically acclaimed violin virtuoso and specialist in Eastern European Gypsy music. She has created the show and arranged the pieces. After completing her degree in classical violin, a post-graduate degree in jazz and master classes by Professor Isabella Petrosjan and others, she dedicated her full energy to researching and studying Eastern European Gypsy music. In the past she has performed at art centres and festivals in the UK and throughout Europe, appeared on TV and Radio in the UK, Germany and Turkey. More information at

Linda Gjojgeva Toteva was given a Roma and Traveller’s soul by birth, and a dancing soul into her cradle. Her mum is a Roma from Bulgaria and her dad is an Irish Traveller. Linda herself was born in Sofia in Bulgaria. Due to her dad’s job, they moved around Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Gaza and Germany, where she picked up the traditional dance styles as they went along. 

Later, Linda studied in traditional and contemporary dance in Egypt, Bulgaria, Ireland and other places, also completed a Silversmith degree. Nowadays, Linda works as dancer, specialised in Eastern European Roma, Middle Eastern and Balkan styles, as jewellery designer and tutor for jewellery making at Greenwich College, and as Belly dance instructor in Tower Hamlets